Thursday, 27 December 2012

Toe in the Water

So - for someone who normally has bags to say over a good cup of coffee - or more dangerously a middling drop of red wine interspersed with cool beer, setting out to write blog for the first time is a salutary experience. All the more salutary, and if not a little odd for someone who bursts into essay form at the drop of a cat or a hint of a trip, and can wax over-eloquent and acerbically to any one daft enough to browse on face book.

Its a form I've poo pooed for a long time because I tend not to follow them - bloggers that is -  thinking that they are after all the musings of someone with nothing better to do than off-load random thoughts on to potential "subscribers". But there again the rational person allows that so after all did Charles Dickens, and before him John Aubery & Samuel Pepys, and latterly any number of nosey-parker paparazzi reporters actually do just that. Connecting the endeavours of long dead essayist and diarists with the gutter press is a little extreme, but there is no doubt that they would have been ardent bloggists, although their 'oft and spec'l forms of speling would have confounded the most diligent spell checker - especially the american ones that insist in simplifying our glorious idiosyncratic etymology.

On which subject this particular blog engine (if this is the right term) does not recognise the words "blog" or "blogging" or "bloggers", which is very peculiar. This is surely a valid subject for another blog about the tyranny of spell checkers and the conspiracy theory that Microsoft is in cahoots with the US Department of Homeland Security, or Department of State to insidiously erase the silent "u" from many words, thus removing the second person from labo(u)r (how daft is that), and disallowing a personal connection with colo(u)r (how sad is that?).

Well - having got that lot of blank piece of paper angst out of the way here goes . . . . . . and see if I can post this thing . . .

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  1. Ahhh a new luminary in the blogosphere! How do I sign up to follow you?


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